Future Leaders International Private School

American Curriculum (KG1 to Grade 12) – Virginia State Standards Reinforced by the NGSS and the AP Standards

Future Leaders International Private School is the educational product of the vision of Mr. Saif Mubarak Fadel Al Mazrouei, founder of the multi – industry and internationally-acclaimed Bin Fadel Group which has already given birth to more than 15 assorted entities that play a major role in the UAE’s economy and in continuously upgrading its infrastructure across various sectors.

Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Vision and ADEK’s 2020 Master Plan, and after years of study and research conducted by Mr. Mubarak Saif Al Mazrouei and his scholar team, the need for UAE-based, world-class academic institutions was detected. Meeting this need will lead thousands of the UAE’s students from different nationalities towards a noble aim:  grass-rooting the crucially required generations of global minded, creative leaders and communicative knowledge inquirers of the 21st century.

Established to fulfill the multi-leveled needs of future cohorts of creative and innovative scholars, academicians, engineers, doctors, lawyers, diplomats, entrepreneurs, philosophers, philanthropists, poets, movie directors, media specialists, environmentalists, journalists and educators – to name just a few – who will be the leading critical thinkers, communicative inquirers, global minded entrepreneurs, creative innovators and proud UAE citizens and inhabitants of the years to come.

The school is guided by the Virginia State Learning Standards and reinforced by the Next Generation Science Standards along with the AP Program learning outcomes within a multi-layered curricular approach that is a natural continuity of this head start, lead by a group of gifted, dedicated, artistic, and experienced faculty members ( called facilitators ), assisted by  professional administrative staff whose major aim is to prepare the appropriate creative and innovative leaders right for today and ready to face and lead the 21st century encounters and changes.

This differentiated, personalized learning and teaching environment is always guided by the principles of the UAE culture, Islamic Values, UAE  heritage, and UAE identity.  This exceptional student centered personalized learning and teaching environment is empowered by complete multi layered integration and guided by an anticipated revolution in the philosophy of schools and education: the philosophy of one subject called “Knowledge”.


Our students reflect an exceptional academic diversity growing in new, Eco-friendly, 100% SEN inclusive, and sustainable campus which also encompass state-of-the-art IT-Robotics apparatus in every classroom; more than 22 Science, IT, Robotics, Arts, Music, Environment and Sustainability Labs; 1 spacious gym; 1 auditorium; KG, juniors and seniors libraries; 1 football field; 2 basketball courts; spacious play fields; 3 spacious PE halls; multi-purpose rooms, flexible classrooms, 1 Students Council Head Quarters, UAE cultural museum, an indoor swimming pool and more than 4 fully-equipped SEN Classrooms.

Our students, who play a major part within a self-governed disciplined school, are always ready to face the 21st century challenges with their SCF Competencies, skills and values, real-life modeling approach, high moral education, and creative mindedness. Furthermore, they always advocate that education is not a group of rules and procedures, but it represents the basis and grassroots of an appropriate society, establishing the futuristic better rules and procedures; a belief guided by an extensive strategic plan guidelines developed by our senior administration, ownership and Honorary Board of Trustees and Directors, in collaboration with ADEK, and materialized by a clear vision to the future foundations of leaders and entrepreneurs.

To make sure that the students legacy post grow, the school will establish crucial  and fruitful joint ventures with a lot of post-graduate scholar entities like the New York University, American University of Sharjah, the Sorbonne Universities (Pantheon and Abu Dhabi), Al Ain University, and  Abu Dhabi University.

This legacy journey will be the major aim of our school entity from students, and parents to scholars, administrators, and owners, a legacy that will flourish and excel with our students’ progressive success journeys as future leaders of our controversial century. A leadership that is reinforced by a highly moral education values’ environment ingrained in all our students, without exception, guided and lead by the extremely supportive UAE leadership along with ADEK’s 2020 and Abu Dhabi 2030 visions.

“Preparing Generations To Lead Future Generations For A Better Tomorrow ”

Our Vision

To Prepare Today’s Generations To Lead Tomorrow’s Generations Towards Being Better Global Minded and Skillful Leaders.

Our Mission

As Facilitators, We Guide and Support Our Future Leaders in Focusing, Leading, Innovating And Succeeding By Promoting The Inquiry For And Acquisition Of Knowledge And Skills That Ensure That They Are Ready To Face And Overcome The 21st Century Challenges.

Core Values

Tolerance Our Students value, recognize, and celebrate their individual cultural background, while respecting, understanding, showing sensitivity and openness towards the different views, values, experiences and traditions of other individuals, communities and cultures.

Care  Our Students show care, sensitivity, compassion, and respect towards the needs and feelings of others. 

Honesty  Our students act with a considered sense of fairness, honesty, and justice; taking responsibility for and accepting the consequences of their own actions.

Respect  Our students respect themselves, others, and the world around them; showing kindness, consideration, and helpfulness to others.

Resilience  Our students learn from their mistakes and recover fast to prevail. 

Commitment  Our students are committed to their own learning, persevering; showing self-discipline, personal responsibility and high personal expectations. 

Collaboration  Our students cooperate, working with individuals as  part of a team, demonstrating effective interaction, communication, insight and reflection, and eagerness to learn.

Pride  Our students take pride in themselves, their school, their community and  their achievements. 

Curiosity  Our students inquire and are actively interested in understanding the world, its people, and cultures – thus enabling them to become lifelong learners.   

Leadership  Our students’ destiny is to become the global minded leaders of the 21st century.

Self – Discipline  Our students are self – disciplined and self – governed.

Integrity Our students possess a high moral character and live by a strict set of ethics and principles (i.e., doing the right thing, whether it benefits you or not).

Empathy  Our Students understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions and have the ability to share someone else’s feelings.


IT : A Crucial Layer in Education

Our school  believes that IT is no more a tool but a crucial layer in Education which redefines the different learning and teaching environment’s instructional strategies and methodologies, And in order to reach this benchmark, our school  will implement as of day 1 the following personalized instructional strategies and differentiated pedagogical approaches created and established on IT-driven resources and apparatus:

  • SAMR Methodology.
  • VPLN (Virtual Private Learning Networks’ Driven Learning and Teaching Environment).
  • The Baby and the Cup.
  • Classroom without Borders.
  • PRA Road Map (Passion Relevance and Attitude).
  • STEAM Driven Approach: a crucial layer of our teaching and learning environment.
  • E3.R.R. Milieu
  • RAFT
  • C.C. Differentiation

All this reinforced by a progressive  iPadic classroom implementation and integration as of 2020 – 2021  first academic year.

Future Leaders International Private School Learner Profile

Our school fosters and nurtures within the students the below major learner profile traits via its daily vertical, horizontal, extra-, and co-curricular integrated learning and teaching  environment, reinforced by 4 major curricular strands and integrated layers defined by creativity & innovation, UAE Identity, Leadership and Moral Education:

  1. Independent Learner
  2. Critical Thinker
  3. Creative Inquirer
  4. Innovative Problem Solver
  5. Digital Researcher
  6. Global Minded Citizen
  7. Environmental Philanthropist
  8. Team Spirit Driven Character
  9. Communicative Explorer
  10. 21st Century Innovative Leader
  11. Entrepreneur
  12. Risk Taker
  13. Self Confident – Knowledgeable Adventurer