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A distinctive, culturally-diverse, knowledge based and international school in which every student is motivated to learn and empowered to become a successful, creative, well-rounded 21st century global minded citizen and leader seeking knowledge and reinforcing it always.

Students’ Centered Teaching and Learning Environment

Assessment is a term used to refer to the...

STEM–STEAM Philosophy of Learning

Students do not passively acquire knowledge.

iPadic Classrooms Integration

The integration of Ipadic classrooms within the school’s learning...

The UAE International School for Tomorrow’s Future Leaders

Future Leaders International Private School is one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi in fostering a progressive, holistic and safe learning environment where students are nurtured and moulded to become the next generation’s future leaders.

“Educating today’s generation to lead future generations for a better tomorrow.”

Establishing the academic benchmark for top international schools in Abu Dhabi

We are one of the acknowledged best international schools in the capital of UAE, providing an avenue for students to fully realise their potential, excel in all areas of learning, and acquire a vision to become servant-leaders in their chosen fields in the future.

Future Leaders is an international academic school using a combination of traditionally rooted learning principles, innovative educational methods reinforced by the Multi-Layered Curricular Approach. Our curriculum is built on the inherent culture, identity and heritage of the UAE with a strong foundation of Islamic values.

In conjunction with this, we promote advanced and sophisticated learning experiences through the use of contemporary technologies that enable students to absorb and retain information better, while enjoying an interactive and digitally intuitive learning experience. And we implement the pedagogical approach of IT being a crucial layer in education.

As one of the top primary schools in the Emirate, our campus features cutting-edge facilities, including specially modified classrooms for subjects such as IT, Robotics, Sustainability Labs, Sports, and a Cultural Museum, STEM-STEAMS labs, among others.

Enrol your child in a premier Abu Dhabi high school & primary school

Future Leaders is recognised as one of Abu Dhabi’s best new schools, with our American English International curriculum reinforced by NGSS and the acclaimed Finnish Pedagogical Approach, that equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to stand on equal basis with the world’s most competitive scholars and learners.

For more information on our curriculum, school activities, and admission process, you are more than welcome to contact us.